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Where to stay in Scotland

From cosy highland holiday cottages to luxury Edinburgh hotels, Georgian townhouse B&Bs to hostels and campsites - it's easy to find the perfect place to call "home" during your stay in Scotland, regardless of your budget.

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What to do in Scotland

Long famous for its golf courses and salmon fishing, Scotland offers the best walking country in Britain, plus great mountain bike trails, horse riding and superb dive sites.

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What to see in Scotland

Explore ancient Scottish castles, go on a whale watching cruise, see local malt whisky being made or delight in an entrancing garden!

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Hotels & Accommodation

Whether you are looking for a luxury retreat, a city centre pad or a traditional hotel stay - Scotland has a huge choice to suit every budget. Our cities boast some of the finest hotels and B&Bs in the world with some truly fantastic prices on offer. From romantic cottage retreats, luxurious country estates, award winning restaurants, and health spas - Scotland offers genuine indulgence set in stunning historic and natural landscapes.

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From Scotland's capital to it's outer islands our many different regions offer a uniqueness and individual character that stays with you long after your first holiday. The northern highlands  offer one of the last true wilderness experiences in Europe. The Borders highlight a richness of farmland and rolling hills. Perthshire lays its claim to country sports and adventurous activities set in a multitude of beautiful glens and forests.

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Road, rail, air and sea – 21st-century Scotland is a straightforward place, travel-wise.

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