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Scotland has a good road system with motorways and dual carriageway roads linking many of the main cities and towns.

Car Hire

Most car hire companies require the driver to be between the ages of 21 and 75. There may be more stringent requirements for specialist vehicles.

Driving on the Left

In Scotland, as in the rest of the UK, driving is on the left-hand side of the road.

Driving Licence and Insurance

Holders of an overseas driving licence may drive a motor vehicle in Britain. If you are bringing your own car from overseas you’ll require Green-Card insurance and car registration documents.

Drinking and Driving

There are serious penalties for those convicted of driving while being over the legal limit.

Speed Limits

Unless otherwise indicated, speed limits on the roads are:

  • Motorway: 70mph/112kph
  • Dual Carriageway: 70mph/112kph
  • Single Carriageway: 60mph/96kph
  • Built-up areas: 30mph/48kph

Seat Belts

It is compulsory to wear seat belts, both front and rear. Young children and babies must be restrained in an appropriate child seat or carrier. If you need child seats, these should be ordered when you book your car.