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There is a good network of Post Offices across Scotland. They provide a range of services including the sale of stamps and mailing of letters and parcels. Offices are generally open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm. Saturdays 9.00am – 12.30pm. Look out for the Post Office sign.

Stamps can also be bought from newsagents, certain shops and visitor attractions.


Public payphones are widespread. They are operated by British Telecom (BT) and take all coins from 10p upwards plus phone cards. These cards can be bought in Post Offices and newsagents. Mobile phone reception is good across most of the country. For further information on hiring a mobile phone in the UK see
To call Scotland from overseas dial 011 from the US and Canada, 0011 from Australia and 00 from New Zealand followed in all cases by 44, then the area code minus its initial zero.


You’ll find internet cafés in all the major towns and cities.

Personal Computers, PDAs and WI FI hotspots.

Many of the larger hotels, self catering properties airports and some coffee shop chains now provide wireless broadband access. Make sure you have the correct adaptor. The power supply in the UK is 240 volts. Type of socket is square 3 hole sockets taking 3-square-pin plugs. Visitors from the US require a voltage transformer.