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Below are some Hotels & Inns in Edinburgh nearby that might be of use.

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Alternative Accommodation

1 Twelve Picardy Place Hotel Edinburgh, EH1 3JT
2 Holiday Inn Express - Edinburgh City Centre Edinburgh, EH1 3JT
3 Regent House Hotel Edinburgh, Midlothain, EH1 3JX 2 stars
4 Metropolitain Hotel Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3JT
5 Hotel Indigo Edinburgh, EH1 3JD
6 The Glasshouse Hotel Edinburgh, EH1 3AA
7 The Place Edinburgh, EH1 3HU
8 The Albany Hotel Edinburgh, EH1 3QY 4 stars
9 Broughton Hotel Edinburgh, EH1 3RR
10 28 York Place Edinburgh, EH1 3EP