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Hotels and Inns in Scotland

Hotels & Inns

With the larger hotels mostly (though not exclusively) centred on Kirkwall and Stromness, Orkney offers an excellent and cosmopolitan selection of accommodation.

Guest Houses and B&Bs in Scotland

Guest Houses and B&Bs

This is a great way of getting to know the Orcadian folk and the accommodation choice is very varied throughout the Orkney archipelago.


Self Catering Apartments, Holiday Cottages and Caravans in Scotland

Self Catering Apartments, Holiday Cottages and Caravans

For anglers, birdwatchers or any kind of Orkney explorer, this type of accommodation will the most flexible for the great Orkney adventure!

Caravan and Camping Parks in Scotland

Caravan and Camping Parks

Accommodation in Orkney for caravan and camping enthusiasts tends to be small and friendly.

Hostels and Bunkhouses in Scotland

Hostels and Bunkhouses

Orkney is well supplied with this kind of accommodation, not only on the Orkney ‘mainland’ but across some of the other islands.