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Hotels and Inns in Scotland

Hotels & Inns

Shetland offers a range of this kind of accommodation, both modern and traditional, not just in the main town of Lerwick, but also scattered through the islands of archipelago.

Guest Houses and B&Bs in Scotland

Guest Houses and B&Bs

This kind of accommodation makes an excellent way of exploring Shetland, with good accommodation right across even some of the outlying islands


Self Catering Apartments, Holiday Cottages and Caravans in Scotland

Self Catering Apartments, Holiday Cottages and Caravans

This accommodation is especially well represented in Shetland, and offers accommodation options right to the far north of the islands – adding a real go-as-you-please element to your northern adventure.

Caravan and Camping Parks in Scotland

Caravan and Camping Parks

Shetland offers a good range of camping sites, and not just on the Shetland ‘mainland’, as Fetlar and Whalsay are among the other islands where this kind of accommodation can be enjoyed.

Hostels and Bunkhouses in Scotland

Hostels and Bunkhouses

This kind of accommodation on Shetland features also includes a speciality of the islands – a ‘böd, originally temporary fishing season accommodation, now upgraded but still basic accommodation ideal for visitors on a budget.