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Scottish Sea Angling

Fishing in the sea and anywhere below the high tide mark on rivers for sea fish is a public right in Scotland and so with a long and varied coastline there is much to choose from.

There are no closed seasons for sea fish in Scotland but many of the fish migrate during the year and are only available at certain times.

Cod fishing is best during the winter and shore anglers usually catch most fish at night if conditions are favourable. Mackerel, mullet and sea bass are caught during the warmer months as are most other species. This is partly due to the lack of daylight and the dangers of boat fishing in the stormy North Atlantic or North Sea in winter.

Trophy skate, halibut and porbeagle shark are mostly found in the Pentland Firth and Orkney waters. For tope, thornback and large sea bass the Mull of Galloway in the South West of Scotland is the place to be and if you prefer a bag full of wholesome cod or haddock the East Coast between Stonehaven and North Berwick, or the West Coast venues should fulfil you aspirations.

Sea Angling

Sea Angling