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Game & Fly Fishing in Scotland

Scotland’s rivers and lochs and extensive sea coasts offer tremendous angling opportunities. In keeping with the long tradition of Scottish hospitality visiting anglers are welcome to share some of the finest fishing in the world.

There are few places in the world where within a couple of hours you can drive from the sea, through lowland plains, foothills and reach sub-alpine mountain ranges. In Scotland you can do this and more, and as you go you will experience lots of fishing opportunities, salt water famed for cod, flatfish, skate, sharks and many more species and marshy lochs where large pike and other coarse fish live.

Sparkling and clean rivers flow down from the mountains, salmon and sea trout migrate upstream in proliferation to reach their birthplaces passing en route their cousins the brown trout and grayling.

There is an amazing variety of beautiful lochs some deep and some shallow, all of them different and interesting. Glacial mountain lochs contain populations of arctic charr and feisty wild trout. Shallow lochs kissed by the sea in the machair dunes are where trout wax fat and strong.

Most of Scotland’s remarkable fishing is easily accessible and a genuine welcome awaits visiting anglers who wish to enjoy the fantastic blend of tradition, hospitality and great fishing opportunities Scotland offers. Perhaps the most telling fact is that most anglers who visit Scotland, come back again and again.

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