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Getting around a Golf Course in Scotland

Caddies will help you make the most of your round.

Caddies can be a tremendous advantage especially if you are playing a major championship venue for the first time. Their experience can save you many strokes simply by recommending the correct line.

On a links course where the terrain is fairly flat and you have no sight of the fairway or green, the advantage is obvious. Caddies are governed by the caddy master or club secretary and should be asked for when making your initial booking contact. While it might be possible to engage a caddie on the day of play, this is not recommended.

Caddies are paid a set rate for the round and usually a good tip if they have helped you. Caddies are now more professional than of days gone-by although some would say they do not have the colour of their predecessors.

Ride-on golf buggies are now fairly common on Scottish courses although the practice is nowhere near as universal as it is in other countries. Scottish golfers almost always prefer to walk so there will be a limit on the number of vehicles available. Again, book in advance should you require one.

Pull-trolleys are available for hire at almost every golf club.

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