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Homecoming Scotland 2009

A spectacular calendar of events will mark Scotland's first ever Homecoming year. So, whether you're a Scot, of Scottish descent, or simply love Scotland, you're invited to over 200 Homecoming events during 2009!

Find out what's going on in all across at the official Homecoming Website

Here's just some of the things you'll find out about on their site:

Robert Burns

A passionate, inspiring, forward-thinking pioneer of his generation, Robert Burns is regarded as the national poet of Scotland.


Scotland is known throughout the world as the ‘Home of Golf’ and with over 550 courses of high quality and great diversity, it’s easy to see why.


For every single Scot in their native land, there are thought to be at least five more overseas who can claim Scottish ancestry.


Acknowledged as Scotland's national drink, whisky has been produced here for longer than anyone can remember.

Great Scottish Minds & Innovations

Since before the Industrial Revolution, Scots have been at the forefront of innovation and discovery across a wide range of spheres.

My Special Place

PlaceBook Scotland is a new web-based project to capture people’s interest in their places. It aims to enthuse people to think about what gives their place its identity – or sense of place – and get them to capture this in words, through pictures and music. It has been developed by the Scottish Landscape Forum, and is funded by the Scottish Government Greener Directorate and Scottish Natural Heritage, with the support of the National Trust for Scotland. Have a look at some of the contenders for Placebookscotland's photography competition 

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Homecoming Scotland 2009