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Improving your Golf Game while in Scotland

There are many opportunities for improving your game.

Instruction in the Home of Golf is much the same as in any other nation. But there is a certain cachet to learning about golf here. Scotland’s golf professionals, once responsible for spreading the techniques of the game around the world, still have an earthy quality and common-sense approach that can be so useful in teaching the game. Some are able to put a special emphasis on the unique circumstances encountered on a Scottish links course such as playing low in the wind or the use of ‘bump & run’ approach to links greens.

There are dozens of excellent practice and teaching facilities throughout the country. More importantly there are hundreds of excellent Scottish teaching professionals willing to help improve your game. Whatever your level of play, it never hurts to let an expert look you over and perhaps recommend a slight swing adjustment. To arrange tuition in the Home of Golf contact the head professional at the club you intend to visit or perhaps your tour operator who can set up a special tuition package.

Improving your Game