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Plan Your Golf Trip To Scotland Ahead Of Time

To ensure you make the most of your golf in Scotland you need to plan ahead.

It is always advised to book your round of golf in advance. In order to avoid disappointment all clubs operate a tee time booking system where you can book ahead. Some clubs require a deposit sent in advance. For the main Open Championship venues such as the Old Course or Muirfield, the booking arrangements are more strenuous and you must work at least one year in advance of your trip. The Old Course does operate a ‘ballot system’ where you can place your name on a list the day before and in person to see if you will be drawn for a round on the Old.

Most clubs hold club competitions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If there is large number taking part, tee times could be booked off for members until well into the afternoon. Some clubs therefore do not allow any visitors especially on a Saturday. Through the week also there can be ladies afternoon's and medal competitions. The golden golfing rule is to always telephone ahead, even if it is on the day, and the club professional or starter will keep you right.

Like other travel-associated industries, online booking is now becoming available where clubs make some times available to book over the internet (as well as off-line) and no doubt this trend will continue. Payment is taken automatically and administratively this will be a boon for all concerned.

Muirfield Golf Course