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The Scottish Golfing Season

All courses are open from April to October with many staying open all year.

Generally the Scottish golfing season begins on the 1st weekend in April although some courses start a little earlier depending on their location. Often the best weather is found in the months of May and September when clear skies and moderate temperatures are ideal for golf. These are busy months with golf visitors.

The countryside is often also at its best with either the new growth of spring or the colours of early Autumn gracing the trees. October is still a reasonable month to golf although many courses begin their winter programmes of course maintenance such as scarifying and hollow tining.

Visitors to Scotland are often surprised to see how much daylight Scotland enjoys through the summer months. Scottish daylight hours begin to extend noticeably by May and continue well into the evening through August. Practically it is light by 5am and does not get dark until 10pm through the summer.

For golfers this means their playing time can be extended and it is perfectly feasible, if you are keen enough, to go out for a round after an early dinner. In the most northerly parts such as Shetland, the sun only sets for around two hours near the summer equinox.

The Scottish Golfing Season