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Scottish Fishing Tips

Angling is a field sport that takes you to wild places at strange times of the day or night. Safety is paramount and with the vagaries of Scottish weather it is wise to consider the elements and the dangers.

1. Always have good clothing and waterproofs, its better to remove what you don’t need than suffer from hypothermia.

2. If you are wading ensure that your boots are suitable for the conditions and that you have a staff.

3. Life jackets should always be worn whilst wading or in boats.

4. Mobile phones should be kept in waterproof containers.

5. Always inform someone where you are going in case you get lost in the mountains or at sea.

6. Sun glasses or similar are recommended, they can save an eye from damage.

7. In summertime life is more comfortable when the midges are around if you have some repellent or protection.

8. Fishing tackle is sold in shops in the larger towns and nearby popular fishing venues. Sometimes it is possible to hire tackle and waders to take advantage of good fishing conditions.

9. There are a number of fishing instructors throughout Scotland. They have various credentials, the best of them are APGAI qualified and offer the highest standards of instruction.

10. Local ghillies can sometimes be hired to give advice on salmon or trout fishing.


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