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What to Wear While Golfing in Scotland

Scotland is no different than any other country when it comes to dressing for golf. It is only a matter of courtesy and respect for your host club that you adhere to certain very minor dress regulations.

Some clubs ban jeans and collarless shirts. One or two more traditional clubs insist on gentlemen wearing a jacket, collar and tie into the main lounge either any time or after a certain hour in the evening.

Despite images that golfers might see on television during major Scottish golfing events, the weather during the golfing season is not at all bad. Most foreign visitors are glad of cooler conditions in which to enjoy their rounds and the average summer temperatures run around 18ºC (65-75ºF). A woollen sweater and rain proofs are always worth keeping at hand however.

The trend towards soft-spikes has caught up with Scotland though it is not mandatory as it is in other countries.

What to Wear While Golfing in Scotland