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Welcome again and massive thanks to our fans for sending in so many beautiful pictures in and around Scotland. They are some of, if not the best pictures we have seen here at Welcome to Scotland and very fortunate you send us your holiday snaps, adventures and travels straight to our inbox.

This week we are sharing the best autumn pictures that have been sent to us and a few from our team too.

Thanks to Adriana Branchini, John Arnott and our very own Robin McKelvie for sending us in these pictures.

Forth Bridge Sunset in Autumn

Forth Bridge Sunset in Autumn © John Arnott Photography

Argyll Autumn Sunset

Argyll Autumn Sunset © Robin McKelvie


Glencoe © Adriana Branchini

Highlander in Syke

Highlander in Syke © Adriana Branchini

The Cuillins on Skye

The Cuillins on Skye © Adriana Branchini

Walking in Speyside

Walking in Speyside © Robin McKelvie

Please share these wonderful pictures and remember to attribute the photographer who took the picture.

To take part, here are the guidelines and rules:

  1. Only images from Scotland will be shared.
  2. Please only send 5 of your best ones in every month.
  3. Please post your pictures to our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page and write “*blog*” within the comments section of the shared image. You can also email us here.
  4. We are happy to attribute copyright details to all images used in the blog and elsewhere in the site. Additionally we may be able to add a web link back to your website where possible. Please send us the web address you wish us to link to.

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