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I remember the days when to help make my way around Scotland I had to cart a couple of hefty guidebooks and a chunky travel map. Times have changed and smartphones have revolutionised our lives. I say that as the author of over thirty travel guidebooks in the knowledge that there has been a seismic and irreversible shift to digital.

Welcome to Scotland AppThe technology is there these days with a new wave of superb smartphones. I’ve heard it said that the average smartphone has more processing power than the computer used to send man to the moon and I believe it. The difficult thing today, though, is finding the best ways to use technology to make our lives easier. That brings me to the new Welcome to Scotland App, which is an essential for anyone living in or travelling around Scotland. It’s free, easy to use and very practical. Here are eight reasons you should download it to help you on your travels around Scotland whether it is your first visit or you have lived here all your life.

1. It’s free! – Yes in this world of many people trying to make a quick buck the App is 100% free.

2. It saves you money – A wide range of discounts and special offers are available on the App that can really save you money on your Scottish travels.

3. It’s available cross platform – The App is available on both Android and iOS. Some Apps are limited to Android or iPhone users. Not the Welcome to Scotland App, which is available across both platforms.

Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye4. No connection needed – That’s right, the App actually still works when you are offline, which comes in very handy indeed when you are exploring the remote parts of a country that boasts over 800 islands and some of the wildest parts of Europe.

5. Find out what’s nearby – The App gives you ultra local information at your fingertips. This ranges from where to eat and drink, through to shops and tourist attractions. Whether you want to get the most out of Edinburgh’s historic old town or delve beyond the golf courses in St Andrews, help is at hand.

6. Where to stay – Where you stay on a trip is arguably the single biggest travel decision you make. The Welcome to Scotland App again comes into its own here as it boasts almost 10,000 hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, holiday cottages, self-catering places, hostels and caravan and camping parks! Look out too for exclusive accommodation deals on the App.

Luskentyre Beach, Isle of Harris7. It adds value to a trip – The App is not just handy for practical things like tips on accommodation and restaurants, but it also adds value to the experience of travelling around Scotland. Say for example you are on the Oban to Craignure ferry and you wonder along with your fellow passengers what that striking castle is off the port side. Well just use the App and bingo, you can name it straight away!

8. Interactive maps – Finding your way around Scotland is easy as the App is packed with preloaded zoomable Google maps that cover the whole of Scotland. More detailed regional maps can also be downloaded with no roaming charges.

Welcome to Scotland App screen shots

Download the free Welcome to Scotland App:

Link to the free Welcome to Scotland travel App




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