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There are plenty of angling opportunities here, some great spate rivers, many fisheries and a beautiful sea coast.


Loch Fishing

With few natural lochs the rolling agricultural lands of Ayrshire have more than made up for the deficit with effective management of reservoirs many of which produce brown and rainbow trout up to several pounds in weight each season. Camphill Reservoir is a prime example, its quality brownies are said to average over 2lbs in weight, adding weight to the claim that it is amongst the best fishing of its type. The fishing guide for Ayrshire and Arran lists some 26 lochs and reservoirs that provide good sport throughout the area. See the listing for Loch Fishing in Ayrshire, Arran & Clyde Valley

River Fishing 

The River Garnock with its tributaries the Rye and Lugton Waters is an improving salmon river that also has runs of sea trout averaging over 2lbs. Brown trout are stocked by local angling clubs and large specimens are caught each year. Rivers Ayr, Doon and Irvine have runs of grilse from June onwards followed by large runs of autumn salmon that can be spectacular. Trout and grayling fishing are also readily available.

Best rivers in the area however are the Stinchar and the Girvan where sport especially during falling water can be fast and furious. September is the prime month for Ayrshire salmon with October a close run second.

Arran has one river of special note, the Machrie Water, a small spate river that yields a surprising number of salmon during wet autumns. The River Clyde is one of Scotland’s great rivers for trout and grayling fishing and in recent years significant runs of salmon and sea trout have re-established themselves in the lower river, up to the Falls of Clyde, an impassible barrier. See the listing for River Fishing in Ayrshire, Arran & Clyde Valley 


Most of the fisheries in the area offer high quality fishing. Browns, rainbows and their sea run cousins the steelhead are often the favoured species and the latter strain of rainbows are known for their amazing energy when hooked. In appropriate conditions buzzers and dry fly fishing are the most amusing and satisfying means of catching a few of these beauties. See the listing for Fisheries in Ayrshire, Arran & Clyde Valley

Coarse Fishing 

In addition to grayling that are found in several rivers there are a few top quality coarse fisheries including Eglinton Loch which provides a rare opportunity for inexpensive coarse fishing with a blend of specimen sized fish and an abundance of smaller bream, roach, perch & tench. Another is Magiscroft Fishery, close to Cumbernauld. It has over 100 pegs on three pools that are well stocked with species including roach, bream, ide, perch, rudd, carp, tench, eels, gudgeon, dace, chub and large pike. Strathclyde is the heartland of coarse fishing which is gaining in popularity all over Scotland. See the listing for Coarse Fishing in Ayrshire, Arran & Clyde Valley

Sea Angling 

Good angling is to be had around the coast of Ayrshire and in the Firth of Clyde. Several charter boats operate from Ayr and surrounding costal towns and they will provide rods and bait if required. Ailsa Craig with its gannet colony is an impressive backdrop to a trip seeking pollack, wrasse, cod, mackerel and conger. The Cumbrae Islands provide catches of ling, saithe, pollack, cod, mackerel and wrasse. See the listing for Sea Angling in Ayrshire, Arran & Clyde Valley