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Fife has a long tradition of sea fishing, especially for cod that come close inshore during the winter months. Game fishing is not neglected however and there are many good trout fishing opportunities and even the chance of a salmon in the River Eden.


Loch Fishing

Fife is a low lying and fertile Kingdom, trout do well, and its reservoirs and lochs provide great sport with hard fighting rainbow and brown trout. Loch Ore Meadows, the “Meadies” as it is referred to locally was formed from disused industrial land and its hard to believe that this lovely country park was once wasteland. Lindores Loch near Newburgh is perhaps the choice venue in Fife, it is well managed and highly productive. Other lochs worth a visit include Loch Fitty, Raith Lake, Cameron Reservior, Careston Reservior, Clatto Reservior, Glenfarg Reservior and of course the most famous of all, Loch Leven. See the listing for Loch Fishing in Kingdom of Fife

River Fishing

East central Fife is drained by the River Eden, a meandering stream with prolific weed growth and very good trout fishing. Brown trout of two or three pounds are hard to land but well worth the effort. There are also decent runs of sea trout and late season salmon. The River Leven drains Loch Leven and it now maintains a good stock of brown trout and some salmon. See the listing for River Fishing in Kingdom of Fife


Lots of venues to choose from in Fife including Golden Loch near Newburgh and Newton Farm at Wormit, both of which operate on a put-and-take basis and provide consistent results. See  the listing for Fisheries in Kingdom of Fife

Sea Angling

Fife has a long sea coast with lots of beaches and marks for shore fishing. Sandy beaches in the north are replaced by rocky shores in the south. During winter months Anstruther produces double-figure cod on peeler crab, lug or shellfish. In the summer coalfish, wrasse and codling provide good sport. Nearby Cellardyke rocks give good summer fishing for codling and wrasse, best months are June and July. Crail harbour is a good year-round mark with codling, coalfish and flounder. Crab, shellfish or lug are favourite baits. Rock fishing at Crail involves climbing over sometimes treacherous surfaces. Codling and wrasse can be prolific on this mark so the effort can be worthwhile, particularly in June and July. At Elie the harbour and lighthouse are good spots. The sea-bed is rough so be prepared to lose tackle on any of these marks. Charter boats are available from several ports including St Andrews, Crail, Anstruther and Pittenweem. See the listing for Sea Angling in Kingdom of Fife