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This fascinating and fertile island with its neighbour Sanday belonged to the monks of Iona in 1203 and possibly as far back the 7th century. Traces of this early Christian period include two carved stone crosses and several cross marked grave slabs. There are many other historic sites.

It has been a nature reserve since 1938 when the island was acquired by the Gaelic scholar, folklorist and keen naturalist John Lorne Campbell. Golden eagles and sea eagles breed on the island. At one time it held an important colony of Manx shearwaters. They ceased to breed and have only recently made a comeback after all the rats on the island were exterminated.

John Lorne Campbell donated the island and his important collection of Gaelic books to the National Trust for Scotland in 1981
Sanday, as its name implies, has some attractive beaches.

Passenger ferry from Mallaig

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Accommodation in Canna:

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The furthest out of the Small Isles, Canna is in the care of the National Trust for Scotland, who can be contacted for accommodation enquiries.