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Loch Ness - Scotland's Most Famous Loch

Scotland’s most famous loch can be scanned from viewpoints on the Inverness – Fort Augustus road, from the battlements of  Urquhart Castle and from the deck of a cruise boat.

One of Scotland’s best-known features. Sceptics and true believers have visited this loch for generations in the hope of that tantalising glimpse… For well over a thousand years there have been sightings of a strange ‘beast’ in Loch Ness. Many people have seen what appears to be a large up-turned boat that moves off or submerges. Others have seen two or more moving humps. Some accounts mention a long neck and small head. One theory is that a plesiosaur-like creature was trapped in Loch Ness when the sea levels dropped at the end of the last ice age. This could be possible, the loch is 23 miles long and over 300m deep in places. But there would have had to have been several such creatures to sustain a breeding population, and an adequate food supply. See the listings for Official Loch Ness Monster Exhibition and Cruises & Railways in Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn.