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In Scotland’s warlike past, whoever held Stirling held the kingdom – such was its strategic importance controlling routes between Highland and Lowland Scotland. To this day, its guardian castle stands at its highest point. Once it was the court of the Stewart dynasty of Scottish monarchs. Today, it still offers one of Scotland’s best historic ‘castle experiences’- as well as a fine panorama from the Castle Esplanade.

Below the Castle, the Old Town of Stirling draws parallel with Edinburgh as an old community that grew up in the protection of the fortress. Buildings around the old High Street such as the Tolbooth and the bare façade of Mar’s Wark add to the historic ambience. Further downhill are the shopping streets as well as the modern mall of the Thistle Centre.

Aside from the Castle, historic Stirling is also noted for the Wallace Monument – more fine views as well as the story of Scotland’s first freedom fighter. And the historic theme is inescapable, with the Bannockburn Heritage Centre (to be redeveloped for the 700th anniversary of the battle) also within a few minutes of the town centre.

Accommodation in Stirling:

Palace Fortress »

To this day, Stirling Castle preserves its impregnable air, rising out of what were once marshlands at the lowest bridging point of the River Forth.

The Old Town »

Stirling is an old Scottish ‘burgh’ – a community with status and trading rights – the characteristic Tolbooth and Mercat Cross still survive in today’s Old Town

Braveheart and a Fantastic View

The National Wallace Monument tells the story of Sir William Wallace, the first freedom fighter, while the Bannockburn Heritage Centre relates how Robert the Bruce freed Scotland from English rule.

Stirling - home of Soccer?

‘The Smith’ features around a thousand artistic works, from c1670 to the present, plus an important collection of Scottish artefacts, including the world’s oldest football.

The Stirling Smith Museum


Stirling has it all – not just modern covered shopping malls like the Thistle Centre, but small businesses and specialist antiques and craft shops.

Eating Out

It’s easy to find somewhere to eat out in Stirling. It’s a well-resourced and popular place catering for all kinds of visitors at every budget level.

There’s a good selection of cosmopolitan eating places – French, Italian, Indian – as well as traditional Scottish menus to be discovered.

Eating Out in Loch Lomond, Stirling & the Trossachs

Festivals & Events

Music festivals, folk club events, agricultural show, pipe bands, Highland Games – and lots more going on in Stirling.