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Caithness, Sutherland & Ross-shire

These northlands are simply magnificent - and have their own landscape contrasts, from the rolling woods of the Black Isle by way of the interlaced lochans of the Flow Country of Caithness, round to the ancient landscapes of the north-west, where weirdly shaped mountains rise from their plinth of ancient rock.


Map of Caithness, Sutherland & Ross-shire

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Northern bird specialities in plenty here, including divers and skuas; some of Scotland’s best seabird cliffs plus superb botanical sites, especially on limestone. Unspoilt country - lots to enjoy.

Sea Cruises Sea Cruises

Plenty of sea-cruising in the Northern Highlands - visit a garden only accessible by boat, or take a trip to the Summer Isles or even Orkney.

Cruises & Railways in the Northern Highlands

Pictish Eaglestone Pictish Kingdom

The eastern side of the Northern Highlands was once a stronghold of the Picts. Their beautifully carved 1000 year old crosses and symbol stones can be seen at Edderton, Nigg and Shandwick, and in the museums at Rosemarkie and Dunrobin.

Historic Sites & Monuments in the Northern Highlands

Gold Rush

In 1868 many people rushed north to the Northern Highlands to search for gold in the Strath of Kildonan, to the west of Helmsdale. This was no Klondyke, however, and the following year the gold rush ended. You can still pan for gold in the Suisgill and Kildonan Burns, but don’t expect to make a fortune.

Timespan Heritage Centre

Smoo Cave Limestone Caves

The green oasis of Inchnadamph, to the north of Ullapool, is well known for its limestone caves. Here the bones of animals, long extinct in Scotland, brown bear, lynx and lemming, have been found. Further north at Durness, the cavernous Smoo Cave is more easily accessible.