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Inverewe Sub-tropical gardens in Northern Highlands Sub-Tropical Gardens

The warming effects of the North Atlantic Drift mean frost protection for a variety of tender plants - see them in some spectacular gardens, including the famous Inverewe

Gardens in the Northern Highlands

Dunrobin Castle in the Northern Highlands Castles

The largest house in the north - Dunrobin Castle - is here, as is the northern retreat of the late Queen Mother at the Castle of Mey, along with other historic fortresses.

Castles & Stately Homes in the Northern Highlands

Ullapool Northern Highlands Historic Towns

Among the delightful towns in the Northern Highlands are: whitewashed Ullapool, once an 18th century fishing station; the herring boom town of Wick and the historic burgh of Cromarty.

Towns & Villages in the Northern Highlands

Pictish Eaglestone Pictish Kingdom

The eastern side of the Northern Highlands was once a stronghold of the Picts. Their beautifully carved 1000 year old crosses and symbol stones can be seen at Edderton, Nigg and Shandwick, and in the museums at Rosemarkie and Dunrobin.

Historic Sites & Monuments in the Northern Highlands

Sea Cruises Sea Cruises

Plenty of sea-cruising in the Northern Highlands - visit a garden only accessible by boat, or take a trip to the Summer Isles or even Orkney.

Cruises & Railways in the Northern Highlands

Ben Eighe Landscape Highlights

From the peaty lochans and open spaces of the Flow Country to the craggy sandstone heights of the Torridons, the Northern Highlands offer spectacular landscape contrasts.

Speciality Shops Northern Highlands Speciality Shops

With the landscape for inspiration, the craft industry thrives in the Highlands, with just about every craft discipline to be seen here, from hornwork to bagpipe-making.

Speciality Shops in the Northern Highlands

Festivals & Events

Food and music are just two festival themes here, along with Highland Games, ceilidhs, theatre and much more.

Festivals & Events in the Northern Highlands