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Orkney - Trout Fishing, Sea Angling in Orkney Islands

Orkney’s wild brown trout loch fishing is reputed to be amongst the finest in Britain. Sea trout too can provide tremendous sport in the shallow sea bays on the eastern coastline and the seas around the islands offer great angling opportunities for lots of different species.


Loch Fishing

The quality and size of some of the wild brownies in the lochs has to be experienced to be believed. Beautiful trout of two pounds or more are frequently caught and to drift on a balmy evening amongst feeding fish on Loch Harray, just waiting for the rings of the rise to your fly is unforgettable.The largest lochs include Harray, Boardhouse, Hundland, Swannay, Stenness, Skaill and Kirbister.See the listing for Loch Fishing in Orkney and Orkney Trout Fishing Association.

Sea Angling

Warmed by the North Atlantic Drift the waters around Orkney provide fantastic sport for sea anglers, whether in the shadow of The Old Man of Hoy in the Pentland Firth or around the wrecks in Scapa Flow. Enormous common skate hunt the depths of the Flow, porbeagle shark patrol the Pentland Firth throughout the year and the halibut, king of flatfish provides the ultimate challenge of strength and endurance. Specialist fully equipped sea angling boats to take you to the most prolific marks are available for charter. See the listing for Sea Angling in Orkney.