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North Ronaldsay

The furthest north of the Orkney’s islands, Ronaldsay is the site of one of Scotland’s earliest lighthouses, Dennis Head, built of local stone in 1789. This was replaced in 1852 by a new brick built lighthouse –42m (139ft) high, the tallest land based lighthouse in Britain.

The island is famous for its feral sheep that graze along the shore feeding on seaweed. They are kept off the farmland by a high wall the ‘sheep dyke’ that encircles the island.

The island is well known for the number and variety of birds that pass through on migration. The North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory was established in 1987 to study and record migrant birds on the island.

It offers a range of accommodation.

Ro-ro ferry from Kirkwall. Scheduled flights from Kirkwall.

North Ronaldsay

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