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Long-established on an old fording place of the mighty River Tay, Perth was once one of the most important of Scottish burghs or trading communities. Today its handsome Georgian architecture and its riverside setting still make it one of Scotland’s most attractive towns.

The Roman fort of Bertha is the earliest reminder of the strategic importance of Perth. Because of the navigable Tay, the mediaeval city traded directly with Europe- a story explored in the imposing Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Today, Perth has an air of prosperity, servicing, like a large market town, a mostly well-heeled rural hinterland on both sides of the Highland line. The parkland on its extensive ‘Inches’ – grassy levels by the river – add to the relaxed ambience. Its downtown grid of shopping streets centres on the ancient Kirk of St John that has marked the heart of the community since mediaeval times. It also gives the place its other title ‘St John’s Toun’ – recalled in the name of its local football team. As well as its museum and art gallery, the city’s attractions include the Black Watch Museum, with Branklyn Garden and Scone Palace also within easy reach.

Accommodation in Perth:

From fantastic hotels to exquisite Bed and Breakfasts to serviced apartments there is a wide range of accommodation on offer for your stay in this beautiful city.

Museums & Galleries

A fine traditional museum and gallery in an elegant building, an art gallery in a converted waterworks, plus a military museum in a castle - just some of Perth’s distinguished collections.

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Great Gardens

The national heather collection is at Cherrybank Gardens while Branklyn is one of Scotland’s finest small gardens. Both are close to the town centre - and a selection of commercial plant nurseries will tempt you as well.

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Cinema, nightclub, theatre, alternative music venue, ceilidh - Perth’s range of entertainment and nightlife is extensive.

Entertainment in Perthshire, Angus & Dundee


A market centre for centuries, Perth’s shopping is wide-ranging, from long-established traditional small business to the modern St John’s Shopping Centre.

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Festivals & Events

Country dance sessions, game fairs, craft exhibitions, a packed theatre programme, polo, alternative music and lots more - Perth’s events programme is definitely wide-ranging and eclectic.

Festivals & Events in Perthshire, Angus & Dundee

Leisure Facilities

Perth is a well-resourced community with a range of leisure facilities including a sports centre and a swimming pool with five separate water experiences including an outdoor lagoon and flumes.

Perth Leisure Pool

Eating Out »

Perth’s restaurants echo its upbeat and well-to-do ambience with some very sophisticated menus on offer in and around the town.