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A friendly, down-to-earth place with a fascinating industrial heritage, Dundee made its mark after the Industrial Revolution with textile manufacturing, especially jute. Historically, this imported fibre came to be associated with the city because of its even earlier involvement in whaling. That whale oil was used to soften the jute for processing is just one of many facts to be learned at the city’s Verdant Works, a preserved former jute mill.

Today, most of the mills have long gone. The city’s very literal flagship, RRS Discovery, floats by the quayside as part of the Discovery Point complex, telling another tale of the city’s heritage – this time of how whale-ship building expertise was linked to polar exploration and derring-do in Antarctica. Dundee Contemporary Arts plus the fine civic collections in the McManus Galleries further contribute to the mix of attractions all within a few minutes’ walk of each other – all of which justify Dundee’s label as ‘City of Discovery’.

Good city-centre shopping malls and a general air of bustle by the river estuary all broaden the appeal of one of Scotland’s most surprising cities.

Accommodation in Dundee:

Historic Ships

With Dundee’s maritime connections, perhaps it is hardly surprising that two such distinguished vessels - the Frigate Unicorn of 1824 and the locally-built RRS Discovery of 1901 - should lie so near each other today.

Museums & Galleries

Dundee does museums and galleries very well - both traditional, like the McManus Galleries and Broughty Castle Museum, as well as the ‘cutting edge’ programme of Dundee Contemporary Arts.


With one of the largest pedestrianised shopping areas in the UK, including the Wellgate and Overgate malls, Dundee has plenty for shoppers.

Shopping in Perthshire, Angus & Dundee

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Dundee is very well provided for with coffee stops in the covered shopping malls to fine dining in and around the city.


Especially at night, Dundee has a thriving entertainment zone with theatre, music venues, bars and nightclubs. Dance the night away - or just choose a cosy pub.

Entertainment in Perthshire, Angus & Dundee

Festivals & Events

Dip into Perth and Dundee’s rich cultural life at a range of artistic events, or take in a game fair or agricultural show.

Festival & Events in Perthshire, Angus & Dundee