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The Shetland Isles have an amazing variety of trout fishing and sea angling possibilities. There are clear, fertile machair lochs close to the sea, a vast number of sparkling lochs with feisty trout inland, and seas that provide awesome fishing.


Loch Fishing

Trout fishing in Shetland is unbelievably cheap and excellent value. Temporary membership of Shetland Anglers Association provides almost unlimited fishing on the mainland lochs and elsewhere fishing is inexpensive and easily obtained. Boats are available on some of the larger lochs such as Spiggie, Tingwall, Northhouse, Benston and Eela Water all of which provide excellent fly fishing.

“Trout Fishing in Shetland” guide book available from the Shetland Times Bookshop is recommended for visiting anglers, it provides detail on all the main fishing lochs with maps showing the best drifts and hot spots for fishing. The book also includes information on appropriate tackle and favourite local flies many of which are unique. See the listing for Loch Fishing in Shetland and Shetland Anglers Association

Sea Angling

Literally oceans of fantastic sea angling await visitors, including real tackle testing monsters such as 200lb skate, powerful halibut and porbeagle sharks. Some thirty species of fish swim around the shores and provide sport from beach or boats. Best fishing time is between May and October. See the listing for Sea Angling in Shetland