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Lying 15 miles west of Shetland this is the most remote inhabited island in Britain. With 1,200 feet high cliffs and an inadequate harbour it is not unlike St Kilda, except that it still supports a viable community of between 30 and 40 people. It was one of the last places in Shetland where Norn – a language similar to Faroese was spoken. Foula still celebrates Christmas and New Year according to the old Julian calendar, Yule on January 6th and Newerday on the 13th.

Famous for its wildlife, Foula has some of the largest seabird colonies in Britain, with 2,500 pairs of great skuas or bonxies, Arctic skuas, several thousand pairs of Arctic terns, tens of thousands of puffins, guillemots, plus Manx shearwaters, storm and Leach’s petrels, and a small colony of gannets.

Access by air from Tingwall and ferry from Walls with day trips by Cycharters.


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