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An unforgettable golfing experience, especially in summer when the sun barely sets. There are three good courses.

Golf is as popular on the Northern Isles of Shetland as in any other part of Scotland. At Whalsay Golf Club on the small island of the same name reached by a short ferry crossing, the local fisherman have built their own course and made an admirable job of it.

The ‘mainland’ golf courses of Asta and Dale near Lerwick are more established. Asta is quite lush playing alongside an inland loch while Dale is more open playing down to a sea voe or inlet. This is the most challenging of the Shetland mainland’s two courses.

To play these, the most northerly golf courses in the British Isles especially on a summer’s evening when the Simmer Dim only allows the sky to darken briefly is a rare experience. It has been known at Whalsay Golf Club for instance, for golfers to stop and watch a pod of Killer Whales patrol a nearby bay. Wildlife abounds on the courses. Combine this with the warm friendliness of the locals and you will come away with some of your fondest golfing memories. See the listing for Golf Courses in Shetland