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Lewis together with Harris are by far the largest of the Western Isles. Stornoway with its sheltered harbour is the main town. There has been a settlement here since Viking times.

It was Norsemen who carved the treasure that Lewis is best known for: the ‘Lewis Chessmen’. Beautifully carved out of walrus ivory they were discovered in 1831 in the sand dunes at Uig on the west of the island. They are now on display in the British Museum and the Museum of Scotland.

Lewis is home to one of the magnificent Stone Age monuments in Britain the, Callanish Standing Stones. Nearby is Dun Carloway Broch , one of the best preserved brochs in Scotland.

Stornoway has an excellent museum – Museum nan Eilean. To gain a good idea of how people used to live on Lewis the Arnol Blackhouse Museum is well worth a visit.

There is no shortage of fishing options – a myriad of lochs offer good trout fishing with no permit required, while rivers and lochs offer some of the best salmon fishing in Scotland.

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