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Historic Sites

Spanning the millennia from the Stone Age to Viking times, the historic sites of the Western Isles are some of the most spectacular in Britain.

Historic Sites & Monuments in the Western Isles

Black Houses

With their thick walls, thatched roofs, peat fires and central hearth, blackhouses were not so long ago the characteristic rural dwelling of the Outer Hebrides. Beautifully restored houses can be visited at Arnol and Gearrannan.


Built beside a sheltered anchorage, now a modern port and marina, Stornoway is the main town and administrative centre for the Western Isles.

Beaches Beaches

The white shell-sand beaches, the green-blues of the shallow waters and the wild flowers of the machair contribute to a distinctive Hebridean ambience. 

Speciality Shops

From fresh fish to photographs, pokerwork to pottery, it’s well worth looking out for the roadside signs to speciality shops as you travel around.

Best Speciality Shops in the Western Isles

Festivals & Events

A lively local culture finds expression in happenings from informal ceilidhs to wide-ranging music festivals, plus shows and sporting events of all kinds.

Festivals & Events in the Western Isles