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Sandford and Spectacle E'e falls


A short walk from the bustling market town of Strathaven, alongside Avon Water to a ruined mill above the Spectacle E'e (eye) waterfalls - so named as a result of an incident involving a local man who fell in love with the miller's daughter. The miller disapproved of the union and ended their relationship. As revenge the lad placed an eye glass in the mill's thatch, causing it to catch fire and the mill to be burned to the ground.

Terrain - Pavements, grassy paths, narrow earth footpaths and farm tracks. Several stiles of varying stature as well as flights of wooden steps.

Grade 1

Distance 5km (3.1 miles)

Ascent 96m (315ft)



Sandford and Spectacle E'e falls

Sandford and Spectacle E'e falls©


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