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Bell Rock Lighthouse

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The construction of the lighthouse started in 1807, 3 years after HMS York a 64 gun man-of-war struck the rock and was lost with all hands. Designed by John Rennie and Robert Stevenson, this was one of the most amazing engineering achievements of the 19th century. The lighthouse had to be built on a rock that was 12 miles off shore, up to16 feet underwater at high tide and only exposed for a couple of hours or so either side of low tide. The first 30 feet of the lighthouse were solid, built out of interlocking blocks of granite shipped out from Arbroath. The upper portion was finished in sandstone. After four seasons of work, in often appalling conditions, the 35m (115ft) high lighthouse was completed in 1811. There are boat trips to the Bell Rock from Arbroath.



Bell Rock Lighthouse

Bell Rock Lighthouse © Copyright Ian Cowe


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