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Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve (SNH)


It may look like a moonscape, but the bare stony scree of this reserve supports a unique collection of plants. Here plantlife is specially adapted to survive on the rare serpentine rock.Star attraction is Edmondston's chickweed, which is found nowhere else in the world. It is named after Thomas Edmonston, the brilliant young Shetlander. He discovered the plant in 1837 when he was only eleven years old.Moss campion is another plant that manages to survive on this dry barren hillside, its pink cushions looking particularly vibrant in spring.Best time to visit mid-May to early July. Car park with interpretative panels. Leaflet available.



Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve (SNH)

Phone: 01595 693345
Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve (SNH)


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