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Aboyne and Deeside Festival
15 July - 29 September 2018
28km NW Aboyne, AB34 5HY
Lonach Highland Gathering and Games
25 August 2018
50km NW Bellabeg Park, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
Glamis Prom
25 August 2018
36km SW Glamis, DD8 1RJ
Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run
26 August 2018
44km NE Aberdeen, AB10 1QT
Angus Memory Walk
1 September 2018
30km SW Craig o' Loch Road, Forfar, DD8 1BT
Dundee Memory Walk
9 September 2018
48km SW Arbroath Road, Dundee, DD4 6NL
Aberdeen Memory Walk
30 September 2018
40km NE Hazlehead Avenue, Aberdeen, AB15 8BE
Sound Festival
24 October - 3 November 2018
43km NE Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Illuminator Run
27 October 2018
28km NW Bridgeview Road, Aboyne, AB34 5JN
PBFA Book Fair - Aberdeen
28 October 2018
41km NE 161 Springfield Road, Aberdeen, AB15 7AQ