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Keith and Dufftown Railway- 1940s Weekend


Dufftown Station will host the Military displays. Military vehicles and the Naffi wagon.

Keith Town Station will depict the Home Front, and life in the 40’s. the station being transformed into a 1940's house with home Guard and U.X.B. On board the TRAIN you will be entertained by Tommy the spiv (He’s a dodgy fellow) and our local Copper, just to keep things in order. And you must try to spot the enemy Spy.

Opening Times

Start Date: 16 June 2018 09:00
End Date: 17 June 2018 17:00

Train times will be as in our brochure or on the website.



Keith and Dufftown Railway- 1940s Weekend

Dufftown Railway Station
Phone: 01340 821 181 / 01340 820 794
Website: http://www.keith-dufftown-railwa...
Keith and Dufftown Railway- 1940s Weekend
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Dufftown station and Keith station are well sign posted in each town.

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