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Liam Anderstrem - Scotland - a Birds Eye View

Scotland: A Bird's-Eye View from Airborne Lens on Vimeo.

Entitled “Scotland: A Bird’s-eye View”, the film took 8 months to shoot, and features stunning footage from all over Scotland including scenic landscapes from Argyll,Perthshire and the Cairngorms as well as footage of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

“I love filming Scotland, it gives me an excuse to tour our country’s stunning landscapes and cityscapes,” Liam said. “And the new perspective we get using drone cameras has opened up a whole new world. Scotland is gorgeous from the ground, but once you get up in the air you can see just how dramatic our scenery is.”"

Liam used a combination of aerial drone cameras, similar to those that are expected to be popular this Christmas, as well as cutting edge stabilisation systems that allow smooth filming using traditional cameras.