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The ‘Capital of the Highlands’, Inverness is far from a quaint little Highland community. Ancient Inverness appears to have been frequent target for marauding clansmen in Scotland’s warlike past – so that little of great historic interest has survived. Instead, Inverness is a thriving and well-resourced small city with all of the characteristic of major centres further south, such as out of town shopping centres, major chain stores, industrial estates and a busy airport. The city naturally serves a very large but sparsely populated hinterland in the Northern Highlands. It also has plenty of accommodation for the visitors who throng the streets in the main season.

At the same time, Inverness, strung out along the River Ness, is an attractive place with easy access to a wide range of popular places for visitors – notably Loch Ness and its attractions, as well as Culloden Battlefield, with Cawdor Castle and Fort George also within easy reach. Back in the city, Eden Court Theatre is a focus for its cultural life while its museum tells the story of the community here on its important location – a natural route centre at the head of the Great Glen.

Accommodation in Inverness:

Tours & Cruises

Inverness is a great base for excursions such as day-trips to Orkney, or jaunts down Loch Ness, or the salt-water cruises on the Moray Firth to see the dolphins.

Cruises & Railways in Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn

Leisure Facilities

A well-resourced city, Inverness has plenty for families. A cinema complex, ten-pin bowling alley and modern swimming pool are just the start of its list of leisure options.

Eating Out

An extensive choice of Scottish, Italian, Indian, Chinese cuisine, seafood restaurants, steakhouses, wine bars and bistros.

Eating out in Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn

Castle »

Dominating the skyline is the castle – actually a courthouse built in 1834. The original castle was blown-up by the Jacobites during the 1745 rebellion and later demolished. From here there are good views out over the town.

Museum & Art Gallery

Archaeology, natural history, social history – it’s all in the local museum, with relics from the Stone Age to the Jacobites and beyond.

Inverness Museum

River Ness »

Part of the charm of Inverness is that only yards from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, you can lean on a fence and watch a Highland river flow swiftly past.


Inverness has it all – lots of small-scale local businesses, antique shops and book shops, a refurbished Victorian covered market, an extensive modern shopping mall – the Eastgate Centre – plus lots of High Street names.

Best Speciality Shops in Inverness, Loch Ness & Nairn