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Outer Hebrides

In an arc of more than 130 miles the Outer Hebrides lie on the very edge of Europe. They are the stronghold of Gaelic culture and offer a strong sense of escape from the everyday.


Map of Outer Hebrides

Fishing in the Western Isles »

A true wilderness landscape that appears to contain more water than land, islands where the angler is spoilt for choice, lochs, small rivers and of course an immense coastline. On one side lies the Atlantic and on the other the prolific waters of the Minch.

Wildlife in the Western Isles »

Flower-rich machair, endless rolling moors, huge beaches, interwoven lochans - great variety, plus the best chance of hearing corncrakes anywhere in the UK.

Buried Chessmen »

The sand dunes of Uig in the west of Lewis are well-known as the burial site of an amazing hoard of chessmen. Crafted out of walrus ivory and whale teeth, the exquisitely carved chess pieces were discovered in 1831.

Gaelic »

The stronghold of Gaelic in Scotland, the language is spoken throughout the Western Isles.

Whisky Galore! »

Visit the Am Politician, the pub on Eriskay, to see a bottle of ‘Polly’ whisky and other items from this favourite wreck.