My Favourites

Jean Froment - North of Scotland

Highlands, September. from Les Projections de la Cabane on Vimeo.

"I spent three weeks all around North of Scotland. This trip to Scotland inspired sentiments relevant to the whole land. Being a voyager is the real part of my job. I make films for discovery TV channels, often taking me away from my home, to Laos, Philippines, USA Colorado River, Arctic, Belize, Brazil and more. And, during these trips, we often find unique things that make me say that I have a wonderful job. When I'm travelling for myself, I have some requirements : archaic landscapes, juxtaposition, silence, lights, powerful cliffs, white and deep blues, clouds...Scotland is exactly this sentiment of a world's end. If you think Scotland is a dark country, just feel the lights that spring from the cliffs, eroded mountains and lakes. The light and images of this country can be so powerful that they seem to provide a picture more universal. That's what I want sometimes in my travels: a way to step out of the world. "

Filmed with kit Canon 550d 18-55 mm and Glidetrack, mostly around the North of Scotland.